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How Are Digital Health Technologies Changing The Dynamics Of Human Relationships?

Within digital healthcare are millions of intricate pieces that comprise what is today’s care system. One of the core pieces of this elaborate scheme are human relationships: patients interacting with their physicians, doctors with their colleagues, and (perhaps the most ambiguous) medical professionals with health technologies. This article looks to summarize the changes that digital health tech has brought to these three primary areas of professional relationships with a focus on the dermatolo
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Are Dermatology EMRs Passing The Efficacy Test?

Dermatology electronic medical record (EMR) software have changed the paradigm of patient data collection, management and storage. They have streamlined workflows and added efficiency to practices, however, their operational efficacy is still a developing area. To date, no single EMR is capable of achieving all expected tasks on its own. This article will discuss the current EMRs technical and operative challenges and how new cloud-based software versions are offering smart solutions to tackle t
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Is Your EMR Leaving You Enough Time For Your Patients?

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software have become a pillar of many medical practices, including dermatology. Despite the advancements brought, dermatology is experiencing a drop of active practitioners in countries like Canada and Australia.1,2 Considering skin cancer has higher survival rates if diagnosed at early stages, this translates to unrealistic waiting times for patients. This article will focus on the potential of intelligent dermatology software platforms to help dermatologists opt
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Top 5 Statistics Every Dermatologist Should Know About Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence in dermatology is being introduced throughout every aspect of the industry, from dermoscopy all the way to predictive analytics.Amid all of these astounding advances, which ones are set to have the greatest impact on dermatologists, their practice and (most importantly) their patients?
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Mobile dermoscopy for active patient involvement

Mobile dermoscopy has introduced positive changes to the way traditional dermatology examinations are performed.1 Dermoscopes allow dermatologists to obtain magnified images of the skin to a level of detail that greatly aids in determining the nature of lesions.2 As a result, patient-oriented mobile dermoscopes have been designed for patients to perform high-quality self-examinations.3 This article will discuss the future directions of mobile dermoscopy as a tool for doctors and patients alike i
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How Accurate Is Your Patient’s Data?

Within the ever-expanding complexities of the healthcare system one component stands above the rest in importance: the patient. In order to provide accurate, informed care patient medical files must be as up to date as they are accessible. Discover why in spite of the latest advancements to dermatology EMR software solutions this fails to be the case along with what healthcare providers are doing to combat this crisis.
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AI In Dermatology: Future Implications

Artificial intelligence (AI) is driving the development of many industries through a revolution in machine learning technology.1 Within dermatology practices, beyond its proven capacity for assisting in diagnostic procedures, these deep learning algorithms are also posing questions regarding the extent of automation in doctor-patient relationships along with the associated ethical implications.2 This article will introduce some of the latest advances of AI in dermatology and discuss their impact
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How Can Mobile Dermoscopy Support Practice Workflows?

Dermoscopy is an integral part of any dermatology practice. Shown to increase diagnostic accuracy of skin cancer and other conditions by as much as 35%, this tool represents some of the most innovative solutions introduced to the dermatology industry. Discover the top three ways mobile dermoscopes in particular are shown to streamline professional workflows for maximized efficiency.
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What Are Your Top 6 Questions About AI In Dermatology?

Artificial intelligence in dermatology has become a constant source of news and excitement. Among all of the information, it can be challenging to differentiate reality from fiction, especially when determining how it may impact your practice. Read on to discover the answers to 6 of your most asked questions about artificial intelligence for dermatology and what it means for you.
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How Is Technology Driving The Evolution Of Dermatology Practices?

Just as with many other fields, dermatology has undergone profound changes in the last decade driven by the advent of new technologies. Among major changes is the adoption of refined electronic medical records (EMR) software that support telemedicine services, a field that is estimated to reach $7 billion by 2020.1,2 This article will focus on the latest trends experienced in the dermatology field that are revolutionizing the way practices are offered to patients.
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International Certificate of Dermatoscopy and Skin Cancer Medicine in Oxford

MetaOptima is excited to announce its sponsorship of the International Certificate of Dermatoscopy and Skin Cancer Medicine event held October 27th-28th in Oxford, UK. As part of this initiative, we are excited to announce that every member will be receiving a complimentary 1-year subscription to DermEngine (intelligent dermatology software) and a free MoleScope II (mobile dermoscope)!
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Maryam Sadeghi attending Transforming Dermatology In The Digital Era in NYC

MetaOptima’s CEO Maryam Sadeghi will be participating in the 2018 Continuing Medical Education (CME) symposium taking place on October 25th at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in New York City. As this year’s curriculum will focus on the potential of technology to advance the dermatology practice, Maryam will be joining a group of experts in the industry to share on the future of connected intelligent dermatology.
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Your Practice Will Evolve Over Time. Can You Say The Same About Your EMR?

Dermatology EMR software is an essential component of ~80% of practices in the United States.1 As a clinic, hospital, or service’s needs expand or evolve over time, it is essential that all professional software supports these changes- not hold them back. Read on to learn three key reasons your EMR should always be scalable to your practice.
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What Are The Top 7 Dermoscopy Features You Need To Know?

Dermoscopy use in dermatology has been on the rise in the last decade due to its practical advantages for the diagnosis of skin conditions.1 Statistics show that dermoscopy has the potential to outperform traditional methods for skin lesion examination in efficacy (melanoma detection)2 and unnecessary biopsies reduction.3 This article will summarize the top seven features that are driving the latest trends in dermoscopy as a crucial component of modern dermatology services.
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How Is Artificial Intelligence Supporting Teledermoscopy Services?

Teledermoscopy services are quickly becoming a solution to many of healthcare’s growing problems, such as patient accessibility, pace of care, and costs. What are the next steps? Discover why dermatology EMR software are already combining teledermoscopy services with artificial intelligence for a new level of comprehensive care.
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How Easily Can Patients Access Their Dermatology Medical Records?

Dermatology medical records are an important part of a patient's care plan, however until very recently patients often couldn't access their information. From 2014-2017, patients’ ability to access their medical records has jumped a whole 42%.1 This results in better informed patients who contribute to improved healthcare awareness.
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How Are BC’s Supercluster Companies Supporting The Canadian Economy?

MetaOptima is excited to announce its partnership with Change Healthcare to develop and implement an intelligent dermatology software network with the support of DermEngine and MoleScope for improved patient care across Canada. Expected to roll out across British Columbia from 2019-2020, this is an exciting opportunity to extend affordable, accessible, and streamlined dermatology care to all patients.
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What Features Are Dermatologists Looking For In Their Dermatoscope?

Dermoscopy is becoming common practice in dermatology services, as magnified skin imaging proves to increase diagnosis accuracy and reduce unnecessary biopsies.1,2 However, before a dermatologist can begin utilizing a dermoscope, he must determine which technical characteristics will best suit his imaging needs. This article will present an overview of the current status of dermoscopy while comparing features of mobile dermoscopes.
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Why Are Dermatologists Using Their Phones To Communicate With Patients?

EMR systems are experiencing huge upgrades throughout the healthcare industry. So why do 80% of doctors report using their phone to support their practice?1 Argued to simplify communications and bring healthcare into the 21st century, read on to learn why this can pose a threat to patient privacy and quality of information.
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How can cloud-based EMRs support dermatopathologist-dermatologist communications?

Dermatopathologists specialize in skin-related diseases to support the work of dermatologists.1 However, constraints in patient data sharing of traditional record systems pose challenges on the effective communication between these professionals. This article will focus on the features available on cloud-based electronic medical record (EMR) software to overcome these difficulties and offer seamless workflows for disease diagnosis.
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How Can Dermoscopy Support Your Patients?

Within each dermatology clinic is the potential to change the way people think about their skin health. Not just through regular skin checks and skin cancer awareness brochures, but having patients become engaged in their care plan. With mobile dermoscopy tools sweeping the industry, this is quickly becoming the norm.
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How Can Intelligent Dermatology Software Support Skin Cancer Diagnosis?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the way we conceive everyday life, from voice-operated personal assistants to customized streaming services 1. Although less obvious, AI has also started to play a pivotal role in the way healthcare services are offered. This article will evaluate the impact of AI in dermatology to assist in dermatologists’ skin cancer diagnosis.
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How Can Total Body Photography Streamline Your Practice?

Total body Photography is set to be one of the next big technologies in dermatology. Although a massive improvement from traditional imaging methods, many systems fail to solve all of the concerns faced by medical experts. Discover the top 5 ways artificial intelligence (AI) is pairing with these systems in dermatology to streamline practices like never imagined.
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What Can Cloud-Based Software Do To Lower Your EMR Costs?

Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) have been employed to better handle the increase in patient data and the demands for medical history accessibility. However, implementation costs and security concerns are two main opponents to the widespread adoption of EMR software. This article will present the benefits that EMRs have brought while discussing what advantages cloud-based systems can offer to improve cost and safety difficulties.
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How Can EMRs Benefit From Improved Interoperability?

Healthcare services have been profoundly impacted by the use of electronic medical records (EMR) platforms in recent years, making patients’ medical histories readily available in digital format. However, interoperability among platforms still remains a barrier. In this article, the nature of interoperability will be discussed alongside the current approaches to overcome these challenges.
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How Can Technology Make Dermatology Offices Intelligent?

In 2018, we’ve developed smart systems for heating, lighting and security. What about healthcare? With the desperate need for more efficient practice workflows and shorter patient wait times, intelligent technologies hold immeasurable potential to forever transform the way medical professionals provide their care.
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AI in dermatology: implications for patient-doctor relationship

Since early ideas about the development of intelligent machines were discussed in the 1950s, the field of artificial intelligence (AI) has experienced exponential growth. Currently, the use of machine-assisted procedures has expanded to virtually all industries, including the field of dermatology. This article will discuss the applications of artificial intelligence in dermatology while presenting its implications for the patient-doctor relationship.
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A Professional Review of DermEngine & MoleScope

With the growing disparity between patient needs and available number of dermatologists, it is essential that medical professionals are equipped with the most advanced tools in dermoscopy in order to provide the utmost quality of care. This article reviews the experience of Dr. Jason Rivers, a practicing dermatologist at Pacific Derm in Vancouver, Canada using DermEngine with the support of MoleScope for his patients.
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SaaS: a successful model for dermatology services

In the past few decades, Software as a Service (SaaS) has arisen as a new operational business model that has successfully integrated into various disciplines. Projections predict it will end the year as a $127.5B industry.1 This article will describe the technical benefits offered by the SaaS solution in healthcare enterprises with a focus on dermatology.
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Join Us At SMCDO

From September 26th-29th MetaOptima's certified distributor, Inpharamo will be attending the 10th annual conference of the Mexican Society of Dermatological and Ontological Surgery in Guadalajara! 1 Our first time attending an event in Mexico, we are confident that this will serve as an excellent opportunity to expand the reach of MoleScope II and DermEngine while discussing how intelligent dermoscopy tools can support practices around the globe.
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Join Us At Vancouver Startup Week!

Are you attending Vancouver Startup Week? Would you like to more about what our team does here at MetaOptima? Come visit us at Vancouver Startup Week today (September 26th) at Science World for an opportunity to chat with seven of our awesome members! (If you haven’t already, sign up here!)
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A description of store-and-forward teledermatology and its benefits in daily practice

In Part 1 of this article, the many advantages of live-interactive teledermatology were discussed. However, this approach can also present many challenges, rendering it inefficient for certain daily practices. Part 2 of this post will be devoted to describing the nature of the store-and-forward approach for dermoscopic imaging teledermatology and the benefits it offers over the live-interactive technique.
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Use Your Dermatology EMR To Create Connections- Not Strain Them

As Canada is faced with an increasing shortage of dermatologists, physicians have become a frequent first point of care for dermatology- related cases. What technologies can doctors use to ensure that they provide quality care to these patients while preserving the time necessary to focus on other cases within their practice?
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What can live-interactive teledermatology bring to daily practice?

Technological progress has produced innovative approaches to healthcare practice. Advances such as teledermoscopy software bring the advantage of reducing patient waiting times or even eliminating the need to see a practitioner in person during early examination stages.
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Dermoscopy Imaging? There's An App For That

Within the past decade, a particular craze has been focused on smartphones, and the (sometimes addicting) apps that can be downloaded. Although some are focused for just gaming, news, or lifestyle choices, how does this new wave of technology fit into dermatology practices? Read on to learn the top three reasons a dermoscopy app can streamline workflows.
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Top 10 DermEngine Features You Didn't Know About

DermEngine is known for holding a number of popular features, such as total body photography, teledermoscopy services, and clinical decision support tools (powered by artificial intelligence). But what about all the other tools hidden within the software? Read on to discover the top 10 tools within DermEngine you may not have even known existed!
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Top 4 Areas Of Telehealth Set To Flip The Dynamics of Healthcare

Recently, the article 4 Ways Telemedicine Is Changing Healthcare1 interviewed two medical experts to determine the top four sectors set to evolve the way doctors provide their care and how patients viewed their experience. Expanding on their conclusions, this article discusses how intelligent dermatology software such as DermEngine are meeting or exceeding this new criteria for the aptly named “virtual health” industry.
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MoleScope: For Patients AND Doctors

Here at MetaOptima, we are proud to offer MoleScope, a portable mobile dermoscopy solution for quality imaging. Did you know that there are two versions of the device? This article highlights the key differences of how MoleScope versus MoleScope II are tailored to the specific needs of patients or medical professionals.
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Complementing Traditional EMR Software With Seamless DermEngine Integration

Due to the ever-increasing number of patient cases, EMR software is an essential aspect of dermatology practices1. Following the current trend towards newer cloud-based EMR software, this article will focus on the advantages of integration with the intelligent dermatology software DermEngine for a complementary solution to traditional EMRs.
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The Advantages Of Teledermoscopy Services In Your Practice

Recent years have seen a marked decrease in the number of available dermatologists to provide necessary patient care, particularly in Canada.1 This article will focus on how virtual healthcare technologies such as MetaOptima's MoleScope II mobile dermoscope and DermEngine dermatology EMR software play a pivotal role in transforming the teledermoscopy industry as a solution to this growing concern.
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Join Us At The Brazilian Society of Dermatology Congress

From September 6th-8th MetaOptima's Business Development Manager, Karen Meohas will be attending the 73rd Brazilian Society of Dermatology Congress 1 in Curitiba! Our first time attending an event in Brazil, we are confident that this will serve as an excellent opportunity to expand the reach of MoleScope II and DermEngine while discussing how intelligent dermoscopy tools can support practices around the globe.
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MoleScope: A Patient Perspective

Patient engagement is a crucial component of an optimized skin healthcare plan. Only one of the ways this can be supported is through equipping patients with the tools to help them take skin imaging into their own hands. This article reviews the experience of three patients using a mobile dermoscope (MoleScope) alongside the associated teledermoscopy app for their skin imaging needs.
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The Results Of Telemedicine Services In The World Of Healthcare

Recognized for its promising value within the healthcare system, telemedicine holds a projected value of $5.2 billion by 2020. To better understand the drive behind the demand for this technology, this article will investigate real-world results from one of the fastest growing trends in the digital health industry.
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Teledermoscopy: An Essential Part Of 21st Century Healthcare

Recently, a report determined that 29% of surveyed healthcare executives believe that telemedicine services are the most promising digital health trend in 2018.1 Already recognized for its important role in lowering costs and increasing workflow efficiency, this article dives into this innovation’s lesser known benefits and potential uses.
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MetaOptima Supporting Dermoscopy Education At SCCs 2018

From August, 24th-26th, MetaOptima's CEO, Maryam Sadeghi will be showcasing the latest features of DermEngine and MoleScope II at the annual Skin Cancer Symposium held in Auckland, New Zealand. Working alongside the company's Country Manager for Australia, Peter Birch, we are confident this will be an excellent opportunity for the team to share how our technologies can support the practice of dermatologists and other medical professionals!
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The Benefits of a Cloud-Based EMR Solution for Doctors

Cloud-based electronic medical records (EMR) solutions are the gold standard in medical practices when it comes to managing processes and storing patient data. It entails keeping patients' medical data and records on external servers which can be accessed anywhere and on any device, provided there’s an internet connection available.
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Does Your Dermatology Platform Fit Regulatory Needs?

Lately, there has been a demanding rise in need for secure and highly regulated dermatology EMR software (as demonstrated by the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation). Recognized as the gold standard for security and privacy, being GDPR-compliant is a necessary goal if a company wants their platform to expand to an international scale. So what happens when a software is GDPR-compliant but falls short of local legal requirements?
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MetaOptima Attending World Congress Of Cancer Of The Skin

Once again the MetaOptima Team is excited to have the opportunity to attend the World Congress on Cancers of the Skin 2018 held in Sydney, Australia from August 15th-18th. Located at Booth #22, Maryam Sadeghi, Majid Razmara, Peter Birch and our distributors, Team Medical, will be showcasing the latest features of DermEngine (intelligent dermatology software) and MoleScope (digital dermoscope) to attendees.
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MetaOptima Exhibiting at NZDS 2018

We are pleased to announce that MetaOptima's CEO, Maryam Sadeghi,CTO, Majid Razmara and Country Manager for Australia, Peter Birch are exhibiting the latest features of DermEngine and MoleScope II at the New Zealand Dermatological Society Incorporated Annual General Meeting 2018.
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Working with Pharmacies to Provide Enhanced Skin Checks

Commonly recognized as a pillar within the healthcare community, pharmacies are a growing source of knowledge and assistance for patients in need of care (from flu shots to blood pressure tests). Most recently, visionary dermatologists are utilizing this trend to offer valuable skin check services via eTriage to patients.
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The Importance Of Clean Data In Healthcare

Big data is predominantly a factor in new healthcare technologies. Often paired with artificial intelligence, big data is the concept of using “vast quantities of data” towards greater analysis and intelligence. Due to the nearly unimaginable quantity of information that this data signifies, artificial intelligence algorithms are being created to comb this data for valuable insights.
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The State of Dermatologist-Pathologist Workflows

Currently, dermatologist-pathologist communication workflows are in dire need of an upgrade. Based on hand-written or manual documentation and communication systems, users are experiencing consequence of using outdated technologies within the dermatology industry.
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How Can Teledermoscopy Services Support Your Practice?

As teledermatology services have gained popularity in recent years, so has the software's benefits. Built on a foundation of streamlining care and increased accessibility, teledermoscopy services such as DermEngine have become a popular example of a service designed to alleviate some of the many pressures found in the dermoscopy industry (such as dermatologist shortages and long patient wait times).
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Insights: International Expansion In MedTech

MetaOptima’s Business Development Manager, Karen Meohas, possesses extensive work in spearheading the creation and continued growth of companies extending their reach to new countries. In this article, Karen will provide deep insights into the importance of project management and how to best navigate international expansion in medical and bio technologies.
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Top 6 Reasons To Upgrade To A Mobile Dermoscope

Have you made the switch to a mobile dermoscope? Although relatively new to the market, these little devices are making big waves in dermoscopy news for their portability, scalability, and accessibility. Read on to discover the six key distinctions that separate a mobile dermoscope from a traditional device and how this benefits dermatologists and their practices.
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What's New in Dermoscopy

In recent years, dermoscopy has gone through a countless number of changes. Naturally, these evolutions have had a significant impact on the dermatology industry. This article summarizes the most recent advancements in dermoscopy tools while discussing future directions that these innovations may lead.
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Educating Your Patients on Total Body Photography

Full-body imaging is a method designed to promote the early detection of skin cancer in patients, especially in those at a greater risk. In addition to implementing total body photography services within your practice, it is important that your patients understand the significance of this procedure to ensure they remain comfortable and engaged with their skin care plan.
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7 Key Tech Trends Dominating The Dermatology Industry

As the world of digital healthcare continues to evolve, how have the latest innovations been adopted within your practice? With such rapid changes occurring everyday, it might be hard to identify exactly what changes these are. Read on to discover seven key shifts in health tech (with a focus in dermoscopy/dermatology).
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The Results Of Artificial Intelligence In Dermatology

As artificial intelligence in dermatology continues to make leaps and bounds, there is an increasing need for additional literature citing the efficacy of intelligent machines in comparison to humans. One such study tested the performance of a convolutional neural network to aid in melanoma detection against a large group of dermatologists. This article looks to examine the applications behind the results of this study and the impact intelligent dermatology software will have on the industry.
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MetaOptima: The Drive Behind Our Vision

With all of MetaOptima's recent accomplishments, we wanted to take this opportunity to talk a little bit about our vision. At its core, we work to empower medical professionals and patients with intelligent tools to promote the early detection of skin cancer and optimized care. With both increasing rates of skin cancer and breakthroughs in AI/artificial intelligence, we'd like to share more about MetaOptima's vision in the fight against melanoma starting with Australia.
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MetaOptima Technology raises $8.6 million CAD

Funds will be used to implement and build its intelligent dermatology platform DermEngine into the global dermatology industry beginning with Australia. MetaOptima Technology is pleased to announce that it has raised $8.6 million CAD ($6.5 million USD) to expand its advanced dermatology and skin cancer imaging and management software, DermEngine™, into global markets. This marks a key advancement in the way skin cancer is screened, detected, and managed.
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Future of Skin Cancer Diagnosis & Care Arrives in Australia

MetaOptima is pleased to announce that DermEngine™, the world’s most advanced skin imaging and analytics tool, has officially been launched in Australia, marking an important advance in the way skin cancer is screened, tracked and detected. Recently, MetaOptima received a $6.5 million USD ($8.6 million CAD) investment from Australian-based company Skip Capital, co-founded by Atlassian’s Scott Farquhar and Kim Jackson, along with venture capital firm AirTree led by co-founder Daniel Petre.
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The Importance of a Centralized EMR Solution

Within your practice you likely have a wide variety of systems at your disposal, each performing their own specific task. Although each software (ideally) performs its job efficiently, how well do they work with one another to support your practice? As you go about your daily workflow, it is likely you deal with a wide variety of systems (perhaps an EMR software, dermoscopy analytics tools, teledermoscopy software, total body photography, clinical decision support tools to name a few).
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Celebrating Canadian Innovations!

Happy Birthday Canada! We’d like to celebrate today by sharing our appreciation for the Canadian government programs for all of their contributions towards new and growing companies like MetaOptima. With so many wonderful accomplishments, we’d like to take this opportunity to talk about how amazing Canada is for building innovative technologies that will have a global impact!
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Simplified Dermoscopy For Your Practice

As the rates of skin cancer continue to rise in Canada, many family physicians have become the front line of defense for the early detection of these cases.1 Unfortunately, GPs have less experience detecting cancerous lesions than their dermatologist counterparts. How can dermoscopy tools provide a solution to this growing dissonance?
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Is Your EMR Software Limiting You?

In part 2 of the article we discussed the cost efficacy of emerging cloud-based EMR software in contrast to the aging method of on-premise systems. The third and final step to completing this comparison is examining the actual capabilities provided by each of their systems: namely, once they are installed how are they supporting medical professionals in their practice? As with the last two articles, this will be examined through the lens of the dermoscopy industry.
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How Much Is Your EMR Software Costing You?

When doctors implement or expand their practice, they have the opportunity to purchase from a wide variety of EMR systems. However, systems such as cloud-based and on-premise software operate in such contrasting ways that it can be hard to weigh the benefits of each. Part 2 of our EMR analysis will research the cost barriers and long-term efficacy of each type with a particular focus in the dermatology industry.
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How Are You Keeping Your Patients' Information Safe?

Recently, there has been one question in particular on the mind of every healthcare professional: how can I keep patient data secure? As technology rapidly evolves, this concern becomes intrinsically related to how health tech such as EMR software are equipped to handle the tsunami of changes facing the digital healthcare industry, particularly in the area of medical images and, in our case, dermoscopy.
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WCD 2018: MetaOptima's Final Day

Today was the final day of the World Congress of Dermoscopy! Over the last three days, word spread fast about it being last day to receive 50% off their MoleScope II alongside 6 FREE months of DermEngine. Read on to see how you can still experience this intelligent dermatology software for yourself.
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Day Two of WCD 2018

Even busier than yesterday, the second day of the World Congress of Dermoscopy (WCD) at Booth #22 was packed with attendees eager to receive a demonstration of how DermEngine and MoleScope II can support their practice. If you haven't already signed up, read on to learn how you can receive 6 FREE months of DermEngine right now!
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Day One of WCD 2018

Today marked the first day of WCD 2018! Off to a fantastic start, the MetaOptima Team had a productive first day demoing DermEngine (our intelligent dermatology software) and MoleScope II (our mobile dermoscope) at Booth #22. Read on to find out what users thought of the latest upgrades to DermEngine!
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Top Emerging Trends In Dermatology

The world of dermoscopy is rapidly evolving as intelligent dermatology software, tools, and innovations flood the market. Read on to discover the 5 innovations dominating the industry and how they will enhance the way you provide your services.
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The Place for AI In Dermatology

If you search for "Artificial Intelligence in Dermatology" news, you will likely be bombarded with articles asking questions such as "Will AI Replace Doctors?" or making broad statements such as "See Why AI Is The Next Big Thing In Dermatology". But what does this all mean? How will AI actually become integrated into the dermoscopy industry, and what does it mean for healthcare professionals?
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Partnering With Skip Capital and AirTree To Develop Intelligent Dermatology Tools

The MetaOptima Team is thrilled to announce that Skin Capital and AirTree Ventures have invested $US 6.5 million in our company to support our continued journey of creating and developing intelligent dermoscopy tools for smart skin imaging, analytics, management, and skin cancer early detection!
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MetaOptima Ready for WCD 2018

The MetaOptima Team is gearing up for the World Congress of Dermoscopy 2018! Less than 11 days away, the 2018 congress will be held in Thessaloniki, Greece from June 14th-16th. This year we have a special discount for those who visit our booth (#22). Read on to find out how you can get a 6-month DermEngine subscription for free and walk away with 50% off your MoleScope II!
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Your Information Rights On DermEngine

MetaOptima has recently updated its privacy policy! We'd like to take this opportunity to summarize how our company and its software (DermEngine & MoleScope) strictly adhere to all laws set out by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR defines the rights you as a patient have to your personal data.This includes but is not limited to your right to access your information, and knowledge as to whether or not your personal data is being processed.
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DermEngine Security & Privacy

How does you keep your patient’s data private and secure? As the technology sector continues to boom with the newest and greatest inventions in digital health and beyond, it is crucial that your data security is at the forefront of these upgrades. If you have any questions, we encourage you to read our Privacy Policy or email us at
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MetaOptima Attending SCC & ACDASM

We are excited to share that the MetaOptima Team is attending the Australasian Skin Cancer Congress from May 25th to 27th in Queensland, Australia. Additionally, last week AUS/NZ Sales Manager, Darren, CTO & Co-Founder, Majid Razmara, and CEO & Co-Founder, Maryam Sadeghi attended the Australasian College of Dermatology's 51st Annual Scientific Meeting from May 19th-22nd to network with key opinion leaders while discussing how intelligent dermatology software can support their practice.
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Maryam Sadeghi Announced As Newest Member Of Mitacs Research Council

MetaOptima is pleased to announce that its CEO and Co-Founder, Maryam Sadeghi has been officially announced as the newest member of the Mitacs Research Council, where her duties will include supporting the continued research and innovation of Mitacs events while building new ideas and opportunities for intelligent discussions.
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MetaOptima Preparing for World Congress of Dermoscopy

This summer, members of the MetaOptima team will be travelling to Thessaloniki, Greece for the 5th annual World Congress of Dermoscopy! Although the conference is held from June 16th-18th, preparations are already well underway to get ready for this big event, where we will be showcasing the latest features of DermEngine and MoleScope II at Booth #22!
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MetaOptima at BC Tech Summit 2018

From May 14th-16th MetaOptima team members Jodi Rai and Karen Meohas will be showcasing MoleScope II (our mobile dermoscope) at the BC Tech Summit in Vancouver, Canada. In addition to demonstrating how MoleScope can support the practice of physicians, they will get to explore, learn, and discuss how tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are enhancing the Canadian economy. Attending the BC Tech Summit? Visit us at the Wavefront booth today!
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Maryam Sadeghi: Startup Grind Female Leader Chatting About Intelligent Dermoscopy Tools

We are thrilled to announce that Maryam Sadeghi, CEO of MetaOptima will be speaking at Startup Grind's Women Leaders Event in Vancouver! Along with two other CEOs, Maryam will be chatting about the importance of developing intelligent dermoscopy tools in healthcare, and sharing her personal experience about the challenges and rewards of being a successful female CEO in the digital health supercluster industry here in British Columbia.
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MetaOptima at NZ Skin Cancer Symposium

At New Zealand's Skin Cancer Symposium, dermatologists learned the latest news in dermoscopy, skin cancer and how intelligent dermatology software can support their practice. Here, our AUS/NZ Sales Director, Darren presented DermEngine's latest tools while offering an exclusive deal for attendees.
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The Benefits Of Cloud-Based EMR Systems

Cloud-based dermatology EMR software is set for rapid growth in the upcoming years. This article discusses the primary benefits of Cloud computing such as interoperability and data accessibility along with the challenges it must overcome for successful implementation.
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Maryam Sadeghi Announced As BC's Most Influential Woman In Health Tech For 2018

Each year BC Business Magazine journeys to find the province's most innovative, hard-working, and impactful women in STEM careers (science, technology, engineering, & mathematics). We are proud to announce that our CEO and Co-Founder, Maryam Sadeghi was announced as BC's Most Influential Woman in Health Tech in 2018! We'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate her on this significant achievement and learn more about her journey to becoming a visionary leader in the field of digital health
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A Ready To Rocket Winner!

We are excited to announce that MetaOptima Technology was announced as a winner of the Ready To Rocket contest in the area of Digital Health! We are truly honored to be recognized as one of the fastest-growing start ups in the health tech industry for our technologies (MoleScope, our mobile dermoscope and DermEngine, our intelligent dermatology software) and are thrilled to be a part of this alongside such innovative companies!
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Celebrating 2018 Vision to Reality Awards BC applicants

This year, MetaOptima applied to PwC's Vision to Reality (V2R) award program. Every year, PwC looks for the most forward-thinking organizations in the nation to join their vibrant community of innovators and become part of Canada's story. As part of the application/interview process, the MetaOptima Team is personally invited to join other applicants at the V2R pre-awards reception in Vancouver on Thursday, March 8th from 5:30 pm-9:00 pm at the Terminal City Club!
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The Latest Advancements: Artificial Intelligence in Dermatology

Recently, there has been a considerable amount of hype surrounding artificial intelligence (particularly in the field of dermatology), which primarily discusses the potential benefits/challenges of the technology along with expected release timelines. Today, we will be focusing on amazing technologies fueled by artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare that are currently available to the dermatology industry and beyond. From here, efficacy, applications, and similarities between these innovatio
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MetaOptima: a Part of BC's Superclusters

This month, British Columbia was chosen as one of five successful superclusters that will receive federal funding. Seen as a hub of Canadian invention, British Columbia's technology sector already generates $26 billion in annual revenue. With the support of federal government, ecosystems across Canada will flourish with innovation and economic growth, with a GDP growth of $15 billion over the next decade!
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The importance of teledermatology tools like DermEngine to promote effective eTriage of suspicious lesions

A publication by Dr. Cleaveau outlining the efficacy of diagnoses through the use of DermEngine & MoleScope for teledermatogy
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Entrepreneur turns smartphone into cancer fighter

Profile of Maryam Sadeghi, CEO and co-founder, MetaOptima Technology
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Enjoy Plenty Of Sunshine While Keeping You And Your Family Safe From Skin Cancer with MoleScope

Great review of the MoleScope App and device from Vancouver Bits & Bites - A Vancouver Lifestyle and Food Blog
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London Drugs Pharmacists Trained on MetaOptima Technology Will Offer 10 Skin Check Clinics in June and July

Starting June 15th, London Drugs Patient Care Pharmacists (PCPs) are available for one-on-one personal skin check appointments at select lower mainland London Drugs stores. During each clinical session, the PCPs will utilize Vancouver-based MetaOptima's non-invasive MoleScope device and will review the importance of the "ABCDE" method for mole checks.
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Government of Canada Supports British Columbia Firm Through Build in Canada Innovation Program

The Honourable Judy M. Foote, Minister of Public Services and Procurement, today announced that the Government of Canada is investing in a made-in-Canada innovation that uses smartphones to help detect skin cancer.
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La Roche-Posay and Partners Reveal Initiative to Give Skin Cancer Patients Accelerated Access to Care and Treatment

In honor of the Melanoma Awareness Month, La Roche-Posay is holding its second annual Become a Skin Checker event in Montreal, in collaboration with MetaOptima Technology and Centre Medical Urbain.
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Surrey RCMP signs up for anti-skin cancer technology

Surrey’s RCMP officers and staff have a new weapon in their arsenal — the DermEngine skin-screening platform created by Simon Fraser University alumna Maryam Sadeghi.
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The MoleScope device is a breakthrough for early cancer detection

MoleScope inventor Maryam Sadeghi is bringing affordable tech to the masses to empower self-monitoring and early detection of possible cancers in moles and skin blemishes.
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Made in BC Health Apps

MoleScope featured on GlobalBC: "Tech Expert Tarah Ferguson talks about two made in BC Health Apps
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MediCity attracts new globally-driven companies

Canadian company MetaOptima Technology Incorporated is one of five new companies to join MediCity, the UK’s rapidly-expanding innovation hub for consumer healthcare, medical technology, diagnostics and beauty products.
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Doctors around the world zooming in on MoleScope's app

Designed to be user-friendly, Molescope guides the patient with educational materials and allows the high-quality images to be used by physicians, general practitioners and dermatology specialists for ongoing patient management.
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B.C. biotech and life sciences sector cements itself as powerhouse industry

A perfect example of the companies now starting to emerge from B.C.’s established biotechnology and life sciences industry is MetaOptima, which has developed and is marketing the MoleScope, a small device that attaches to a smartphone which can help patients and physicians track potentially cancerous moles.
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MoleScope: When your smartphone 'talks' to your dermatologist

A new device that attaches to your smartphone and uses high-definition imaging to help healthcare professionals assesses the health of your moles is being introduced this week at the 23rd World Congress of Dermatology in Vancouver, Canada.
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MoleScope skin cancer app developed for smartphones in Vancouver

A new smartphone app for monitoring skin cancer made its debut at the World Congress of Dermatology in Vancouver on Tuesday.
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MoleScope™ to be unveiled at world dermatology conference in Vancouver

Simon Fraser University PhD graduate Maryam Sadeghi will unveil MoleScope™, an innovative hand-held tool that uses a smartphone to monitor skin for signs of cancer, at the World Congress of Dermatology conference in Vancouver June 9-13.
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Medical microscope attaches to your smartphone for skin cancer screening

A Simon Fraser University spinoff company has developed an app and a tiny microscope attachment for smartphones that allows users to take, store and share high quality images of moles and other suspicious skin lesions.
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MoleScope on Global News

A local inventor is showing off his cell phone app that can help track your risk of cancer.
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MetaOptima selected as a 2015 Life Science Emerging Rocket

Rocket Builders today released its thirteenth annual “Ready to Rocket” lists. These lists profile British Columbia technology companies that are best positioned to capitalize on the technology sector trends that will lead them to faster growth than their peers.
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MetaOptima Innovation selected for BCIP Pre-Qualified Pool

Created to bolster innovation in Canada’s business sector, the Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) helps companies bridge the pre-commercialization gap by procuring and testing late stage innovative goods and services within the federal government before taking them to market.” MetaOptima Technology’s DermEngine has been selected as one of 5 Pre-qualified innovations within the Health Sciences from Call for Proposals 005 which closed in September 2014.
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MoleScope wins a $25,000 investment

On June 11th, 2014, MetaOptima competed in Plug and Play's Startup Showdown 2.0 in Vancouver, BC. Dr. Maryam Sadeghi, CEO, impressed the panel of judges with her pitch and placed first overall, winning a $25,000 investment and 3 months of office space and mentorship in Silicon Valley. Congratulations to all the winners!
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Doctors are using technology in creative ways to treat those isolated from modern health care conveniences

Atkins is leading an SFUled initiative that, in 2013, created MoleScope, a tiny microscope used with a smartphone that snaps images of skin moles, a precursor of skin cancer, which afflicts six million new patients every year around the globe. MoleScope soft-ware stores images of moles, allowing physicians to monitor changes over time.
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MoleScope : Un microscope connecté qui inspecte les grains de beauté

[Translation] More than just a simple microscope, the MoleScope system offers numerous features on its mobile app. In fact, this smartphone-attachable microscope allows the user to upload their mole images to a secure server and analyze any suspicious spots. [...] Even better, MoleScope allows the user to send their updated files and images to their doctor for review.
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MoleScope is featured in FutureMag TV

Melanoma is an increasingly common skin cancer that can be fatal if detected in an advanced stage. Today, innovation in skin cancer detection is taking a very high-tech turn. Maryam Sadeghi, of Simon Fraser University Surrey, near Vancouver, Canada is developing a smartphone-attachable imaging device for skin cancer screening called “MoleScope”...
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SFU grad earns top prize for cancer-fighting venture idea

The fight against skin cancer is enlisting the help of smartphones to monitor suspicious moles thanks to a Simon Fraser University grad's venture idea. The Coast Capital Savings Venture Prize Competition awarded Maryam Sadeghi, creator of the MoleScope technology, the top prize of $3,000 on February 12 after she pitched judges her business plan...
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Skin cancer prevention: Mobile app and scope help users track moles over time

The MoleScope and UV Canada app, developed by Vancouver scientist Maryam Sadeghi, are designed to help Canadians identify skin cancer early. The technology is used to capture and record photos of potentially-cancerous moles and then share these images with medical specialists using cloud-based technology...
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Maryam Sadeghi takes dermatology digital with MoleScope!

MoleScope Featured in Globe and Mail Skin cancer is both common and potentially deadly, with risks increasing the longer it goes undetected. So it made little sense to Maryam Sadeghi that people can wait days, weeks or even months to find out if suspicious moles were something to worry about. So she created MoleScope, a...
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Computing Scientist wins SFU Top Student Entrepreneur Award!

Maryam Sadeghi, founder of an award-winning health technology company, MetaOptima Technology Inc., is SFU’s 2013 Entrepreneur of the Year. Sadeghi was among 10 young SFU inventors who pitched their businesses in a Dragon’s Den-style competition before a panel of industry experts at SFU Surrey Nov. 16-17. Sadeghi also leads SFU’s new Digital Health Hub, based...
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MetaOptima nets the $40,000 prize at New Ventures BC Competition 2013!

MetaOptima Technology Inc, a health technology company created by Simon Fraser University researcher Maryam Sadeghi, has won a top prize in the 2013 BCIC New Ventures Competition. The company received a $40,000 Wavefront Wireless prize package, finishing one of 10 companies shortlisted from nearly 150 applicants in this year’s competition...
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Molescope: An app to detect the onset of skin cancer

As the sun continues to beat down this summer, the risk of being outdoors with no protection continues to grow. And it’s not just the temperature that plays a factor, but the UV rays that are emitted from the sun. “The main cause of skin cancer is UV rays. Too much sun exposure can cause skin cancer,” says Maryam Sadeghi with MetaOptima...
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Maryam Sadeghi wins Innovation Challenge Award!

NSERC Innovation Challenge Award Maryam Sadeghi, who received her PhD in Computing Science from SFU this year, has been awarded a 2012 NSERC Innovation Challenge Award (Honourable Mention) for her innovative use of artificial intelligence and mobile technologies to improve prevention and early diagnosis of skin cancer. Dr. Sadeghi completed her doctoral studies in SFU’s...
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Research2Clinic Action: Technology-Enabled Prevention and Early Diagnosis of Skin Cancers

Maryam Sadeghi has developed unique solutions for the prevention and early diagnosis of skin cancer by taking advantage of artificial intelligence using low-cost devices armed with mobile technologies, such as smart phones, for tele-dermatology. Her team has developed and launched UV Canada—a free public health education app for sun protection...
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